Who is PUSH?

PUSH was cofounded in 2007 by Karl Heine, Solutionist at creativeplacement and kHyal, Head fiZzicist at fiZz and Chief Imaginator at MegaGlam. Collectively they have developed SoNo Spaces, TalentEd, PUSH Workshops, PUSH Design Camp, DesignerJournals, FreshBeam, DesignerGrill (now kHyal + Karl), SoNo Rocks, Taste of SoNo, SoNo Block Party, SONOMART, GifJam, The Weather sKwirl, and BlipWorld.


What is PUSH?

PUSH partners with masterful individuals and companies through an ongoing series of handcrafted workshops, salons and events
developed to inspire, educate and inform creative professionals, students and educators dedicated to the field of communication design.

SONO Spaces Coworking

PUSH workshops

kHyal + Karl

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